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Condition monitoring equipment
DGI Logan

Trouble free hydraulics due to condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is essential to maintain a healthy hydraulic or lubrication system. DGI can provide you with a complete package to help you monitor oil cleanliness. We can provide analysis, advice and condition monitoring equipment. Used individually they are useful tools, combined with a filtration system they guarantee trouble-free hydraulics.

Depending on your specified demands we have a range of condition monitoring equipment available for rent.

The CML2 is a contamination analyser designed to measure and quantify the numbers of solid contaminants in hydraulic, lubrication and transmission applications. The CML2 is a portable, accurate, instrument suitable for ‘on-site’ applications utilising mineral operating oil.
The CML2-W additionally can measure % saturation of water in oil (RH), and temperature (°C).

Portable Laser Particle Counter (PLPC)
The PLPC accurately counts the amount and measures the size of contaminants. The PLPC is calibrated with ISO Medium Test Dust (MTD) based on the ISO 11171:1999 calibration standard. The PLPC is designed to meet the ISO 4406 cleanliness classification code (4µm(c), 6µm(c) and 14µm(c)). The PLPC also provides results in NAS 1638 and SAE4059 code.

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